Third Friday Art Gallery & Night Market : Peter Vanosdall & Ava Fedorov

Art Gallery & Night Market
Featuring 2 local artists, Peter Vanosdall (photography) & Ava Fedorov (painting), in the gallery and local vendors selling arts, crafts & more.

November 15th, 6-9pm
Art + Food + Drinks + Live Music + Fun
Free, keiki friendly
At Treehouse Coworking // 74 Kihapai St. Kailua


Peter Vanosdall shares his love of the outdoors through photography.

Born on the East Coast, he grew up in Okinawa, Japan, but didn’t start his photographic journey until after college while living in Southeast Asia for two years. During this time he was enthralled by the unique beauty of the Thai countryside and desired to share that with others.

Years later, he continues to pursue his goal of sharing the natural beauty of the world around us in Kailua, Hawaii, where he is inspired daily by the mountains and ocean surrounding the islands.

Peter can often be found exploring the coastline around Kailua at sunset, or roaming the ridges of the Ko’olaus. When not outside or behind the camera, Peter is a self employed web marketer.


Ava Fedorov is a Honolulu-based artist and writer who is originally from New York. With a background in writing, design, and film, Ava pulls from all regions of her creative knowledge to create immersive art experiences that blur the lines of genre. She is passionately engaged in climate and environmental activism, which creates a thematic backdrop for her abstract paintings.


Knowing where you are in the world. 

Wayfinding is an exercise in trust. It is only possible to truly navigate a space this way when you can understand and rely on your intuition, senses, and experience to guide your way. Wayfinding also asks you to trust that wherever you end up, you will be OK and you will understand where you have landed (or drifted off to). When I create art, I often do it without a specific outcome in mind. Instead, I understand a general direction that I am taking and use mark making (or whatever media I incorporate) as my wayfinding method--each move or gesture determines or reveals the subsequent one. It is like a branching stream, or changing winds, with continuously unfolding options leading to newly discovered outcomes. 

Similarly, in my studio practice, I experience the act of making art as a method of wayfinding not only within my internal landscapes and my subconscious, but simultaneously as a dialogue with the constant flow of externally generated information and signs. I see art as a way of navigating where those worlds intersect and of understanding the space that is created within the internal landscape as a result of external stimuli.



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