Ian ʻAkahi Masterson, the “Surf Professor”, presents the history of Hawaiian surfing. Join us and the Surf Professor in exploring the true nature of Hawaii's history and culture through the eyes of a surfer.

Masterson's research focused on the traditional Hawaiian cultural activity of surfing, one heavily integrated into the daily and ritual lives of the Hawaiian people. Surfing was more than just a popular sport to wager on, it was part of a greater poetic vision encoded with environmental and cultural information, as well as a way to display and acquire mana.

Masterson has developed college courses in Surf Studies at the University of Hawaii Windward Community College and Hawaii Pacific University, and created courses for various private schools on Oahu. Masterson’s writing is also featured in the 2018 book Surfing, Sex, Genders and Sexualities that is an intellectual discourse on the cultural impacts of surfing.

Following Masterson’s seminar, Jarrett and Cosette Harms, members of the Kailua Historical Society, will showcase some of the earliest color film of Hawaii from their family archives.

Cost: $10 for the public, Free for Treehouse members
Proceeds go to the Kawainui Marsh restoration

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