November Art Series: Kris Goto - In the Element 2 Series

Kris Goto - In the Element 2

Kris Goto - In The Element 2 series

In the Element 2 series stems from its first series back in 2014 where it focused on the idea that we've found the perfect playground in an element very foreign, yet very intrinsic to us - almost as if we were given life by it, but we’ve somehow forgotten about it and thus unable to live in it after all. Perhaps that is why there is that sense of home and comfort when we dove deep into the sea - we are just diving back to where we were born.

In this second series, the focus is on the diatoms that are significant inhabitants of such an element. They are our family and friends - perhaps say hi to them when you’re down there next time.

Kris Goto - Born in Kagoshima, Japan. Spent school years in Hong Kong and New Zealand. Move to Hawaii in 2006.
First wave caught in 2009. Favorite comfort food is rice balls with mentaiko, pho and any kine super hefty soup (not at the same time)
She also enjoys okra and natto. Loves sand between toes - but dislikes wet toes when not on the beach.

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