High-Energy Eating with Dr. Elena Maganto

Do you eat healthy but still feel sluggish, bloated or just sick? Dr. Elena Maganto, a research scientist who specializes in inflammation and digestive issues, will be at Treehouse for a one-hour wellness talk!


  • Fuel your body with high-energy eating
  • Make the right food choices for your individualized needs
  • Start kicking sugar habits


Elena Maganto has a PhD in Molecular Biology and postgraduate training at Harvard Medical School. As a research scientist, she has dedicated her efforts on the study of inflammatory diseases. Her worked has been published in several scientific articles.

Elena suffered numerous digestive disorders and weight loss resistance since she was a child. Her real inspiration for a change was her Mom who suffered from Fibromyalgia but healed using food as medicine. It opened Elena’s eyes to the real way she wanted to help others. She became a certified Integrative Nutrition Coach to continue her work with preventative health. She was able to heal her gut and now works with people who struggle with the same problems - fatigue, hormone imbalance, IBS and related disorders, allergies, high cholesterol and more. She believes that nutrition and science work together to reduce the risk of
disease in numerous ways.

Elena develops bio-individualized and unique plans for each of her clients. You can learn more about Elena and her services in her website: elenamaganto-healthcoach.com.