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Headshots & Branding Photography: How Photography can Help Tell Your Story

Are you a business owner without proper headshots? Well you need them! Why you might ask? Because these are a representation of you and your brand. Headshots can seem like the last thing to worry about. However, Krystle Marcellus, a photojournalist and branding photographer, taught us at her recent lunch and learn here at Treehouse that this is the exact opposite of how we should be thinking.

Krystle is a local photographer who has been capturing life’s most beautiful moments for the past 10 years. She started in photojournalism working for multiple newspapers and has since started her own business, Krystle Marcellus Photography. Her goal is to capture “real” moments through her work. During the seminar Krystle described why headshots are a business owner’s best friend and how photography can enhance your brand vision. Here are three things we learned from Krystle.

1. The Importance of Headshots

We all wish we could have our friend who dabbles in photography take our business photos, but investing in some good headshots really shows.The headshots you choose should be photos that are well done. Meaning well taken, and well edited, to best show off who you are and the brand you stand behind. It is usually the first thing that customers use to get to know you and your company’s goals. Are you quirky? Artistic? Professional? Proper headshots will deliver that message efficiently.

2. A One-Page Website is Enough

While headshots are a vital part of your business, you can’t forget about your website. The website you create is going to be the hub of information for all new customers. Design, design, design -- good web design can determine whether visitors stay to read through your site, or move onto another company. Lay out important information where it’s easy to find -- you don’t want to make your potential clients work too hard. Don’t worry about making everything super detailed, people want things to be straight to the point. Who are you? And what can you offer? Krystle recommends a one-page site -- it’s simple to design, filled with the necessary info and easy for readers to digest.

3. How to Select Brand Imagery

Now, what will take your website to the next level? Some awesome imagery! The photos you choose for your website tell the story of your business. Choosing a selection of high-quality branding images for your site will engage customers. Select pictures that tell them a bit more about you and your work. As the saying goes, “a picture says a thousand words” what will yours say?

Your story is important to your business and you need branding to tell it. Your brand photographs are your customer's first look at your company -- make them count!

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