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Human Design & Your Ideal Work Environment

Human Design is a concept that focuses on self-awareness in regards to how our personal designs affect our interactions with the outside world. This includes understanding the ideal work environment based on an individuals design archetype. Human Design targets four archetypes of projectors, generators, reflectors & manifesting generators. These archetypes thrive in different environments based on their personal needs.There are six environment types in Human Design that help you understand which work environment is most optimal for your productivity. These environments are categorized into caves, markets, kitchen, mountain, valley & shores.

The benefit of understanding your Human Design is to know which environment your personal design thrives in. Once you understand your ideal work archetypes you can design your work environment to cater to your personal needs, as well as creating an atmosphere that encourages collaboration, creativity, and innovation for all design types.

For example if your ideal environment is caves a private enclosed office space is the ideal environment for you, a cozy space to make your own where you can focus and feel secure.

Kitchen environment designs love to mingle and socialize in a common area that allows for creativity and collaboration. You'll see these types posted up around the local watering hole.

Individuals who thrive in mountain environments love to have a higher perspective and often enjoy standing desks or areas with a view to gain cl

Interested in discovering your human design type?

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