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Member Spotlight: Raising Capital with Tyler Shaeffer

At Treehouse Co-working, we take pride in the exceptional individuals who are driving positive change in their industries and communities.

Today, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Tyler Shaeffer, a visionary software developer and entrepreneur originally from Sacramento, California. With his insights into men's mental health, Tyler has launched an innovative app called Mental from Hawaii, which has gained widespread recognition and support.

Notably, he has successfully raised over $1.5 million in a typical pre-seed round from his Treehouse office space, without needing to leave Hawaii. Let's delve into Tyler's inspiring journey and the pivotal role that Treehouse played in his success.

Tyler's passion for technology and his commitment to making a difference led him to pursue a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Following his studies, he spent 15 years in the Bay Area, honing his skills and building invaluable connections within the industry.

Tyler's collaborative approach and dedication to community-building laid the groundwork for his future ventures. In fact, he played a pivotal role as a lead developer at the highly successful mindfulness app, Calm, which adds a fascinating dimension to his experience.

The genesis of Tyler's app, Mental, can be traced back to the global Covid-19 pandemic, which highlighted the urgent need for prioritizing mental health. Departing from conventional approaches, Mental takes a proactive stance, offering actionable steps to address men's mental health challenges.

Raising capital to scale a tech company, especially in today's competitive market, is no small feat. This challenge is magnified in Hawaii, where access to startup capital is limited. Tyler was able to leverage his strong relationships on the mainland to secure funding, while also reaching out to friends and family, including local investors in Hawaii. The terms of his capital raise align with industry standards for his company's growth stage.

Reflecting on his journey, Tyler underscores the importance of fostering robust relationships when seeking capital in Hawaii. He firmly believes in the positive-sum nature of business, advocating for maintaining positive, generous, and reciprocal connections with others. Tyler's remarkable success serves as a testament to the profound impact that genuine relationships can have on entrepreneurial ventures.

Tyler Shaeffer stands as an inspiring member of the Treehouse Co-working community. His revolutionary approach to men's mental health and the creation of the Mental app have made a lasting impact. We take pride in having Tyler as part of our community, where he actively contributes his talents and expertise to the betterment of society.

Tyler is also known for his involvement in the Wednesday afternoon ice baths crew at Treehouse Kahala and serves as a thought leader in our community, particularly in the realms of men's mental health and startup finance. As we celebrate his accomplishments, we eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued success of Tyler and the positive change he inspires.

Tyler Sheaffer

Co-Founder & CTO of Mental Treehouse Kahala

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