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10 Reasons why you should work from a coworking space

Digital nomading has become the new normal as technology advances every day and the way to be successful is such a fast paced technological world is coworking spaces. As a digital nomad there is the inherent freedom to work from anywhere, but that doesn’t mean all workspaces are the best for you. There are many options for the remote worker from public coffee shops to libraries but these spaces don't take into consideration your personal and professional needs. Coffee shops have the social pressure not to stay too long and often lack necessary resources such as outlets, fast wifi and even bathrooms. Similarly, libraries have inflexible hours, don’t allow for much noise and don’t allow food or drink, limiting productivity. This is why coworking spaces have been on the rise as they provide all the resources needed for a digital nomad.

Below are 10 reasons why you should work from a coworking space:

1. Find Meaning

a. Due to the sense of community, collaboration, learning and sustainability, a work facade is no longer needed, and a person's work becomes more meaningful as they no longer face the competition they would in a traditional office setting. Members work identity becomes stronger as everyone around them is also working on their own projects, motivating individual success.

2. Perks of the Space @ Treehouse Coworking

a. Along with space to work, Treehouse Coworking has many perks that come with the beautiful location. These add ons allow members to balance work and personal life while being their most productive.

1. Ultra-High Speed Wireless Internet Access

2. Free Unlimited Coffee and Tea

3. Kombucha and Cold Brew on Tap for a Small Fee for members

4. Onsite Health, Fitness and Wellness Gym including an outdoor shower

5. Delivery and mail sorting

6. Access to meeting rooms and event spaces for company’s needs

7. Outdoor garden area for sunny work days

8. Printing Accsess

3. Job Control and Flexibility

a. Due to start up companies often working with incomplete or flexible schedules, coworking spaces allow for adaptable working times. Treehouse coworking offers 24/7 access to unlimited coworking members allowing nontraditional workers to work at any time. There is no pressure to attend a usual 9-5 work day and members with international partners are able to work as efficiently as possible.

4. More Sense of Community

a. Working from home can create a sense of isolation. At Treehouse Coworking networking is common and even encouraged allowing members to interact in a social manner that allows for learning opportunities and ends the feeling of disconnect that may come from working alone.

5. Networking Opportunities

a. Working in a shared space immediately creates a hub for collaboration. Coworking environments allow members to be surrounded by other goal-oriented, high achieving professionals making networking opportunities endless.

6. Central Location

a. Treehouse Cowking located in the heart of Kailua town allows for easy access from the east side of the Island. This makes meeting with clients easier and more efficient. Surrounded by restaurants and shopping areas, Treehouse is an optimal location for business headquarters. Treehouse will also be opening a new location in Honolulu in 2020 which will further increase the accessibility.

7. Increase in Productivity

a. Coworking can increase productivity by eliminating distractions that can be found in most common work areas such as homes or coffee shops. While being surrounded by committed professionals, the social atmosphere encourages members to be at work rather than to dread going to the office.

8. Cost efficient

a. Renting office spaces on a per-square-foot basis can often be unaffordable for smaller startup companies. Coworking spaces are not only more affordable but they offer the flexibility to grow business without worrying about lease costs.

9. Learning new things

a. Along with networking opportunities, coworking spaces offer learning opportunities at every turn. Being around others can lead to inspiration and through overall engagements members can learn a lot from one another in personal and professional life.

10. Happiness :)

a. Coworking spaces allow for positive work life balance as members are surrounded with motivated and enthusiastic professionals. Members have the opportunity to socialize, learn and enjoy all amenities without the pressure and stigma of a traditional office. In the end, it boosts morale and passion leading to a more positive and cheerful workday.

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