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12 reasons why you should work at Treehouse Coworking rather than a restaurant or coffee shop

There is no shortage of good coffee shops or restaurants in Kailua, and working at one is a good way to break up the monotony of working at home. However, finding a good seat, strong wifi, an open outlet, or a place with minimal distraction can be difficult. Treehouse Coworking in Kailua caters to your needs as an independent professional so you can work better. Here are some reasons why Treehouse Coworking is better than posting at a coffee shop or restaurant.

Complimentary Coffee

Coffee is love in a cup. It keeps you warm, makes you happy, wakes you up, and inspires. Members can indulge in unlimited freshly ground, locally sourced, and organically brewed or pour-over coffee provided in-house daily.

Convenient and Affordable Snacks

Fueling up the mind and body can often be costly. Treehouse provides an assortment of low cost health snacks like coconut water, Sky Kombucha, boiled eggs, mixed nuts, fruit smoothies, and apples.

For those who like to eat out, Kailua has an assortment of eateries that Treehouse members can easily walk to, bringing you the best of both worlds.


If you need to get the blood flowing or stretch, there is a dedicated fitness room. Or, take a yoga class provided to members free of cost.


There is a high capacity color printer, copier and scanner that is priced lower than any print shop in Kailua.

Network of Entrepreneurs

Working in public spaces can be distracting -- well, because of the public! Treehouse is a space dedicated to professionals to enhance productivity and offers curated networking opportunities.

Dedicated Meeting Spaces

Treehouse has dedicated places to meet. Book your meeting space of choice and you can meet a client without the external distraction of a crowd.

Skip the Commute

Members of Treehouse can say ‘goodbye’ to the commute in rush hour traffic. Live on the Windward side? Treehouse is in your backyard! It has direct access to the Pali Highway and H3. Take the backroads and it is smooth sailing. Even for those coming from Town, Kailua counter flows traffic before and after work.


Treehouse provides high speed and secure WIFI faster than any coffee shop or restaurant in the area. You do not have to worry about constant disconnects and snail speeds.

Charging Up

You do not have to worry about trying to find an outlet to charge up your electronics. Work spaces are setup with you in mind to easily accommodate charging needs so you can keep the juices flowing.

A Sense of Calm

No gossip, no screaming, no silliness. The after school crowd can be noisy and distracting, especially when you get into your afternoon stride. Escape the chaos and stay on track.

High-Tech Conference Room

Host your next presentation, workshop or meetup in the conference room complete with 4K video streaming and modular tables that can be configured to your liking.

Awesome People

The best thing about Treehouse? The awesome members and staff. Kailua is a melting pot of talented go-getters, surfers, artists, and culture; and Treehouse adds to that patchwork.

Treehouse Coworking is a place created for independent professionals to work better and be productive. Enjoy the coffee shop atmosphere you love, balanced with a professional, progressive space. Welcome to your dream work environment located at 74 Kihapai Street in Kailua.

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