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Aloha to Innovation: AI Security Leader ZeroEyes Thrives with Treehouse Coworking Support

Among Hawaii’s lush backdrop, a high-profile tech success story grows…

ZeroEyes—a company dedicated to ending mass shootings—has flourished in Hawaii.

Primarily headquartered outside of Philadelphia, ZeroEyes opened a regional headquarters in Hawaii in late 2020 as it expanded its award-winning AI gun detection software capabilities. 

Citing its geographic advantage for its 24/7 service, paired with its deep base of military, public safety, and law enforcement talent, Honolulu was the clear choice for a strategic investment.

Thanks to robust support from Treehouse Coworking, ZeroEyes quickly opened its Hawaii office, granting the AI company more time to focus on its core business, network, and scaling to over 40 states in the last 12 months.

It’s a shining example of how Treehouse's infrastructure, community, and resources catalyze innovation and growth in Hawaii's tech landscape.

ZeroEyes Today

These days, ZeroEyes leads its industry. In 2023, it received the ASTORS Homeland Security platinum award for best Metal/Weapons Detection Solution and the Disabled American Veterans’ National Small Employer of the Year.

ZeroEyes’ mission is clear and urgent: to reduce mass shootings by providing real-time gun detection and alerting through their AI-driven, human-verified system.

By leveraging the mainland's geographic offset, ZeroEyes established a 24/7/365 monitoring hub in Hawaii, overseeing tens of thousands of cameras nationwide. This strategic advantage allows them to offer continuous vigilance, significantly enhancing security postures and information flows with their customers across the country.

The Treehouse Difference

Treehouse Coworking was instrumental in ZeroEyes' journey from promising startup to burgeoning technology company. Treehouse’s turnkey space equipped with all the necessary amenities (fiber internet, business office infrastructure, community and conferencing space) allowed the ZeroEyes team to focus on their mission-critical tasks. 

The Treehouse community and staff are determined to help businesses succeed, creating a space with the amenities and people necessary to not only help operations but even help recruit talent.

“Without Treehouse Coworking, we wouldn’t have been able to scale as quickly or as efficiently as we did,” says J.P. Snyder, ZeroEyes’ Director of Business Operations and Hawaii General Manager.

Treehouse’s collaborative environment fosters invaluable connections and mentorship opportunities that not only help business growth but also nurture a sense of community among Hawaii's emerging tech entrepreneurs. With plans to close its Series B this summer, ZeroEyes has grown to over 130 employees, customers in 45 states and growing, and more than $50 million in investment. This staggering growth necessitated a move to a larger commercial space, proving its substantial progress and future potential. 

“This is the company’s third time outgrowing a space, a solid mark of success,” says Snyder. “If we can play a small part in helping other Hawaii companies scale by our example, we’re doing our job.”  

The Power of Community

Despite ZeroEyes’ move, their Treehouse bonds remain strong. 

“We still attend all the networking events,” Snyder says. “Our Treehouse network is crucial to our scaling efforts. We’ll always have these friendships and connections.” 

Hawaii isn’t well known as a tech hub, but Treehouse Coworking is on a mission to change that by providing the necessary infrastructure and fostering a supportive ecosystem, Treehouse can diversify Hawaii's economy beyond tourism and encourage more entrepreneurship and small business development.

Treehouse’s collaborative environment is key to this vision—it's a place where business leaders help each other, share insights, and build relationships that extend beyond the workplace. This sense of community is vital for fostering innovation and growth.

Access to capital is critical for Hawaii's tech ecosystem to thrive. Mainland venture capital firms like Decisive Point, which recently launched an accelerator in Hawaii, recognize the state's strategic advantages for national security, its proximity to Asia, and its unique time zone benefits. 

These firms see the potential for significant returns in Hawaii's startup ecosystem. With the right funding, the Aloha State’s already-brewing innovation can be amplified. 

“Hawaiian businesses just need access to capital, and the innovation will follow the money,” Snyder says. 

ZeroEyes' success story is a testament to the ingenuity of its founders, team, and supportive incubators like Treehouse Coworking.  

As more companies like ZeroEyes find their footing and scale, Hawaii's future in the tech industry looks brighter than ever.
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