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Solar Shack - Your new morning routine!

What is Solar Shack?

Your new morning routine. It’s a simple, healthy, and fast breakfast food truck on the corner of Kihapai St. and Kainehe St. in Kailua. It’s Ocean Friendly certified, grab-n-go, 100% solar-powered, and delicious! Offering vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, and meat-based options. Something for everyone! Open every day from 6 am-1 pm.

What’s on the menu?

Everything from loaded breakfast burritos, house-made coconut parfaits, sweet treats, salmon bowls, nitro coffee, bullet coffee, house-made teas, organic drip coffee, and more. See the menu attached below!

What’s with the design?

The design on the outside of our truck was created by one killer local artist (@claireogden) to capture the beauty of Hawaii. Peep the inside wallpaper for some fun, conservation inspired designs too!

What’s the brand story?

At the ripe age of 30 years old, Solar Shack's cofounder, Keno, nearly lost his life to bacterial meningitis–an inflammation of the brain and spinal cord membranes typically caused by an infection. Luckily due to some amazing doctors and the miracles of modern medicine, Keno was able to make a full recovery to his high-energy, chipper self. After these complications, a major diet change was required to keep inflammation down and Keno’s health up. This was how Solar Shack’s menu was inspired: a healthy yet delicious breakfast that causes no inflammation. The mission of Solar Shack is to deliver food that tastes great and to educate the masses about healthier food choices, and to ultimately promote everyone to SMILE more.

Where can you follow the action?

Follow us on Instagram (@solarshackhi). Keep an eye open for limited-time specials and monthly events. Come get charged up with us!

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