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The Ultimate Hybrid Package

Why Treehouse Coworking in Hawaii is the Perfect Fit for Small Remote Companies

Treehouse Coworking has become a haven for remote companies. With the rise of remote work, the need for a flexible and dynamic workspace has never been more evident. Enter Treehouse's hybrid package, a solution tailored for remote companies in Hawaii with less than 20 employees. This package seamlessly blends the comforts of remote work with the benefits of a traditional executive office without the cost or commitment.

1. Monthly Meeting Room Time: Building Stronger Team Bonds

One of the major advantages of the hybrid package is the monthly meeting room time. While remote work offers unparalleled flexibility, there's no denying the magic that happens when a team comes together in person. Face-to-face meetings foster better communication, build trust, and strengthen the camaraderie within a team.

Imagine this: Your team, which usually communicates through screens, gets to brainstorm, strategize, and even share a few laughs in a fully equipped executive office. This in-person interaction is invaluable for team-building and ensuring everyone is aligned with the company's vision. With the hybrid package, your team gets the best of both worlds – the convenience of remote work and the collaborative spirit of an in-person coworking space.

2. Day Passes: Give your employees the perk of getting out of the house

Another standout feature of the hybrid package is the provision of day passes for employees. Managed by the administrator, these passes provide employees with the perk of stepping into an office environment whenever they need. Whether it's an unexpected internet outage, noisy construction next door, or just the need for a change of scenery away from family distractions, the day pass system offers a wonderful solution.

Having access to a coworking space can be a game-changer for many employees. It provides a structured environment, often boosting productivity and offering a break from potential home distractions. Plus, it gives employees the chance to network and engage with professionals from diverse fields, broadening their horizons.

3. Business Mail Service: Adding a Touch of Professionalism

For remote companies, managing business mail can be a challenge. But with Treehouse's hybrid package, this concern becomes a thing of the past. The inclusion of a business mail service ensures that your company's mail is handled professionally, adding credibility to your business and making operations smoother.

Pricing Tiers for Every Need

Treehouse Coworking offers two tiers for its hybrid package: $500/mo and $1000/mo. Depending on the size and needs of your remote company, you can choose the package that aligns best with your requirements. With such competitive pricing for the array of benefits offered, it's no wonder that many remote companies are turning to Treehouse for their coworking needs.

Remote work has transformed the way companies operate. While it offers numerous advantages, the need for human connection and a conducive work environment remains paramount. Treehouse Coworking in Hawaii understands this blend and has curated the perfect hybrid package to cater to the unique needs of remote companies. With monthly meeting room times, flexible day passes, and business mail services, it's the ultimate coworking space for companies looking to harness the best of both worlds. Embrace the future of work with Treehouse and watch your team thrive like never before.

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