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Third Friday Art Gallery + Night Market | February

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Our February Third Friday Night Market and Art Gallery was a huge success this month as members of the community joined local vendors and artists with live music and food for a night of fun festivities and shopping.

This month we featured CJ Smith, an international award winning artist who creates a range of innovative and fresh visual imagery. He views art as so much more than an image on a wall and more of an interaction or exchange of energies that can inspire, uplift and transport the viewer. He aims to create art to positively influence the environment and capture a moment that synthesizes the elements in a way that soothes and elevates the viewers state of mind. He often focuses on the ever-fluid face of the islands waters that since infancy has affected the way he lives his life. To him, a wave symbolizes vibrancy and vitality, exhilaration and enthusiasm which he hopes his viewers can sense through his art. He knows that as visual beings we are naturally drawn to what we see in our environment and that can physiology change our mental ability to center, to calm and to create.

Our vendors included Found Woodworking, The Sisters Hale, Bones and Bouquets, Indiglo Oils, Protea Zero Waste, Bikini High, Lanishades and Hana Bada Days. Vendors featured a wide variety of products from locally made sunglasses, handmade jewelry and woodworking, interior decor, locally designed bikinis and wellness essentials.

The featured band of the month was Elysian, an Oahu based performance trio that pride themselves on being a versatile group able to transition in and out of many different genres flawlessly. With performers on bass guitar, cajón (box-shaped percussion instrument) and electric guitar, they played a variety of genres pleasing everyone in attendance.

CJ Smith’s artwork will be up on display at the treehouse coworking space until March 19th so come by to see some of the visuals.

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