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(OAHU, HAWAII) – To celebrate its fifth anniversary, Treehouse Coworking is offering special holiday membership pricing at both of its locations in Kailua and Kahala. The coworking space offers a variety of multi-purpose work space solutions to support business leaders and entrepreneurs with pricing that works for their needs. The space includes executive office space, private desks, shared coworking lounges, meeting and event spaces as well as on-site administrative support.

In addition to providing affordable workspace options, Treehouse is proud to support the local small business and entrepreneur communities with impactful programming, events, and workshops and by providing avenues for local small businesses to access venture capital and private equity through networking and educational events.

In 2022, Treehouse supported 160 small businesses, hosted 43 business events, 13 arts and culture events, five Hawaiian culture events, ten health and wellness events, and six volunteer events with nonprofits including Adopt a Highway, Access Surf, and the Kokua Foundation, to name a few. Members participated in five ‘Kuleana Days’ volunteer give-back opportunities.

“Watching the community grow in ways we never imagined and the support members provide each other at work and after work is what keeps us motivated and inspired,” said Keno Kneriem, co-owner. “Making it easier to raise capital for Hawaii companies that want to hire local remains a key goal for 2023,” he added.

2022 highlights included a spotlight talk story with Mayor Rick Blangiardi about his economic vision and impact growth for small businesses, special events with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the City & County Office of Economic Revitalization, a special Hawaiian culture series entitled “Mo'olelo in the Modern Space,” and the fact that seven Treehouse members were able to raise more than $100 million in funding in various industries in Hawaii.

“Treehouse has provided me with opportunities that I didn’t think would be of value when I first signed up,” said Aaron Boodman, co-founder of Roxicorp and Treehouse member. “I have been exposed to local talent for my start up company and have found the office space to be a productive and enjoyable place to call my home base.”

Special holiday pricing is available online now through January 2023. Tours are offered daily at both locations with a booking. Information can be found online at

PHOTOS: Photos courtesy of Treehouse Coworking can be found HERE.



Treehouse is Hawaii’s leader in providing opportunities and resources for small businesses, remote workers, entrepreneurs, hybrid-companies and creators, and the communities it supports. Its mission is to improve Hawaii’s small business sectors by opening access to local capital and support local businesses. Treehouse has locations in Kailua and Kahala. | IG: @treehousecoworking.hawaii | FB: @TreehouseCoworking

Contact us now to lock in your holiday pricing and give yourself the gift of growth!



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