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Artist Spotlight: Katie Cady

After a decade as a sought-after hair stylist, Katie and her husband moved to Hawaii for a new adventure and a change of pace. She started painting animal portraits for friends and family as a way to keep her creativity flowing, and before long she was shipping paintings all over the united states, this began a new journey for Katie and her artwork. Her process involves multiple layers and mediums, with an underlying structure that evokes a sense of freedom, confidence, and movement. Over the years her work has evolved into expressions of empowerment, beauty, and adventure. Her in-home studio allows her to be both artist and mother as she continues evolving her techniques and unique style of work.

Q. What's your background/story? Why art? (Cultural, geographical, childhood, religion, professional, anything that you want us to know makes!)?

A. I'm a midwest gal, homeschooled, one of five kids, grew up working in my families business until after high school. Ive always had a passion to travel and live somewhere exotic. I am a creative thru and thru, I was a hair stylist for over a decade before I really started getting into painting. It wasn't until after my first kid that I started painting again, since high school.

Q. How do you work? (what medium, location, team vs solo, etc.)

A. Well with 2 kids under 4, I work when I can, how I can, where I can. The dream someday is to have my own studio, with a/c, surround sound and space, but right now I have a sweet little setup in a corner of our house and its functional to work while the kids are around. I love trying new things in art, so a lot of mixed media, but at the moment I mainly use acrylic and collage techniques, and occasionally oils.

Q. What role does art have in society?...and where does your art fit in?

A. I believe art is an expression of ourselves and a connection to each other. It tells our story now but it also tells our history. Even as a hair stylist Ive always connected with wanting to help people feel confident and express themselves freely, my hope is that my art work plays a role in that for others. My work has a fun/happy vibe, its colorful, and kinda does its own thing, that's an extension of me, reaching out to anyone who connects with that message.

Q. What do you think the general public should know about supporting local artists, and how can we take action to achieve that?

A. Artists are passionate people, we want to create and add to the world. I think Hawaii is a great example of that, just walk around Kailua or Kakaakao for example and you will see local art on the side of buildings, on electrical boxes, fences, houses. We are part of the community, we are here and we want to help create the community we all want to be part of. Shopping local for art is ideal, but even just attending local art events or connecting and sharing via social media is a HUGE way to help support your local artist. Expression and connection, that's community.

Q. What inspires you the most to create, especially when you are in a funk, or having a block? How do you get back in the groove?

A. Oh yes this. Hawaii is full of inspiration, so just being here is amazing. Even so, some days you just don't have anything. You have to connect with your creative side of the brain, and that takes practice, the more you use it the easier it is. Sketching and doodling are two ways that help me let loose and just be present. I like to doodle random lines and patterns before I sit down to a canvas. Sometimes it feels silly but just letting go of a "plan" allows new ideas to come up. The best tip however is, JUST KEEP PAINTING. Like anything the only way to get better at it is to do more of it.

Make an appointment today at 808-367-4715 for a tour or show her some love by purchasing a beautiful piece or give her a shout-out on social media @kadyartstudio!

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