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Coping with COVID Art Gallery

Treehouse Kailua and local artist Kamea Hadar worked together to launch “Coping With COVID”, a pop-up art gallery showcasing local artists and their interpretations of the COVID-19 pandemic in Hawaii.

COVID-19 pandemic has caused society to face new challenges daily, and with that new issues both positive and negative have been poised. The daily uncertainty and confusing messaging in the past five months affected individuals in different ways. Whether it has allowed for spurred creativity, motivation – or lack there-of, living in fear, or committing to the projects that are always on hold, COVID-19 has been an emotional rollercoaster for all. The Coping With Covid gallery is thoughtfully designed to help people cope, process and gain perspective on these feelings and challenges through art. It supports the local art community who have struggled financially as small businesses since the beginning of the pandemic.

“We used to host monthly art galleries at Treehouse Kailua that showcase local artists, but with the shift of COVID this community event has been on pause,” said Keno Knieriem, Co-Founder of Treehouse Coworking. “Not only are we extremely interested in the art that is being created during these times, but a lot of artists are struggling, especially financially. We wanted to create a space to support them, and demonstrate the power of art.”

The pop-up gallery is organized in partnership with local artist and board member of the Hawaii Arts Alliance, Kamea Hadar, who understands the impact COVID is having on Hawaii’s local art community. “Everyone is facing new challenges, and art can be a critical catalyst for change,” said Hadar. “Dedicated projects like this are a way for artists to help the community navigate difficult times, and contrarily a way for the community to aid artists in getting through this unpredictable time for small businesses. We have selected art that inspires thought in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and this era specifically. The gallery will prioritize local artists, although non-local artists are invited to apply. It will open September 24 and run through November 24, 2020 and is free to the community.

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