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Entrepreneurs of Treehouse - Health & Wellness. Member Blog: Kelly Wescott

Treehouse is a great coworking space that allows each member to work independently while also engaging in social events, mixers, lunch & learn etc. I wanted a community of like minded people. When I was first interested the owner mentioned that Treehouse is a place that connects people, projects and ideas which was really important to me & it really does embody that philosophy.

My experience is in Sports Medicine: specifically in college athletics. I've transitioned into private practice to advocate for non-traditional athletes and active adults.

My focus is to close the gap of injury/ chronic pain/ illness and getting back to activity. Oftentimes people are given long timelines, a prescription for physical therapy with limited appointments and waiting for imaging like MRI, CT scans etc. BUT WHAT DO THEY DO IN THE MEANTIME?!?

Bodywork, medical massage, Athletic Training treatment and manual therapy can close the gap. This type of work can make sure the rest of the body is being taken care of while healing. I also incorporate breathwork, mental health and

patient education on recovery that they can do at home. It's important to discuss and modify the activities that they love so they can participate safely.

My mission is to advocate and support active adults and empower them with tools, knowledge and treatment to get them to the next phase of performance and healing! Treehouse provides a comfortable, clean and safe environment where clients can be treated which is really important for the mind, body, & soul!

Kelly Wescott founder of ATX Recovery Sports Medicine.

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