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Entrepreneurship in the Tech Space: Shift5

Here at Treehouse, our members are at the core of the why of what we do. Between both locations we have many members that do some incredible work in the community and beyond. We'd like to start sharing some of our members' successes as we hope to continue creating a supportive and collaborative environment where members can connect, share knowledge and inspire each other to achieve success. We'd like to highlight some of the successes of our members going forward featuring a different member each month.

Josh Lospinoso is a highly accomplished individual with a background in cybersecurity and software development. After graduating from West Point, he pursued a master's degree in statistics. He began his career in the field of cybersecurity, working with the Army to enhance the security of domestic weapons systems and maritime vessels.

In 2018, Josh founded his own company called Shift 5, which focuses on developing software solutions to protect domestic weapons systems and maritime vessels. Through his entrepreneurial venture, the company expanded its reach and has made significant contributions to enhancing the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure.

Josh's expertise and insights in the field of cybersecurity led to his invitation to testify before Congress. During his testimony, he shared his knowledge and recommendations on policy decisions that should be considered to improve cybersecurity for Americans, highlighting the importance of protecting vital systems and infrastructure from cyber threats.

Apart from his professional achievements, Josh is also an author. He has published the book "C++ Crash Course," which serves as a fast-paced and comprehensive introduction to modern C++ programming. The book targets experienced programmers, providing them with a thorough understanding of the language.

Overall, Josh Lospinoso's accomplishments in the areas of cybersecurity, software development, entrepreneurship, and authorship demonstrate his expertise and commitment to advancing cybersecurity measures and promoting knowledge in the field of programming.

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