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Interviewing Treehouse Member Aga Westfal-Conboy

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

We had the pleasure of interviewing Aga Westfal-Conboy regarding the Treehouse culture and lifestyle. Aga is an active Treehouse member, managing her marketing brand out of our space, and we were able to get some of her personal insight about Treehouse.

Describe Treehouse Coworking as if you were explaining to a friend.

A: Treehouse is a magical place where adults can work, but it feels like play. A place for those working remotely who enjoy a space to connect and play. They have the best get-togethers. And a great community.

Describe the treehouse community.

A: The community is very inviting, inclusive, and relaxed. Everyone checks in on each other. And enjoys spending time together outside of working too. A work family!

Describe your typical day at Treehouse. How do you feel when you're there?

A: I feel relaxed. It's nice to have a creative and casual place to work and grind when needed.

What value does Treehouse provide for your business?

A: A safe, clean, and creative space. A beautiful outdoor area for inspiration and a mini gym. I admire a well-designed space. And a sense of community. An outlet to build, create, and connect.

How does a treehouse support you to live your best lifestyle here in Hawaii? How does Treehouse align with your personal values?

A: A sense of community is important to me. I admire their work above Treehouse as well - taking care of our land, and the local creative community through frequent events. They take care of the whole individual, above simply providing a clean space. It's a holistic approach to keeping members healthy and happy while we work!

What is your absolute favorite part about a treehouse?

A: The community!

What is your favorite type of event hosted at treehouse and why? (Ex: 3rd Friday’s, Lunch & Learns, Fitness Events, Makai Fest, Pau Hana’s, you can pick anything!)

A: This is hard! I like it all! I enjoy mixing adult time like pau hands, with a family-friendly event like 3rd Friday's and Makai Fest. Again I love that the staff considers all of the aspects of each person - their working life, family, health & wellness. And provides space and opportunities for all of it.

Get Ready It’s a New Day #What's your grind

As a small business owner you wake up everyday and hustle, even in times of adversity, you choose not to give up… you adapt over and over again, grinding, determined to push your way through to the top… we want to know the reason why: What's your grind? What are you passionate about? What fulfills you, and motivates you to continue doing what you do each day?

A: I'm passionate about helping people build-up their brand and business so they can make a difference for their family, community, and beyond. As a branding bestie, I inspire business owners to use the magic of storytelling and the wisdom of strategy to create a bigger impact on the world.

How do you enjoy spending your time aside from work? For many of us, work has been put on pause for a bit. When you take work out of the picture, what keeps you motivated and positive? What moves you? What do you look forward to?

A: Taking time to restore and reset is essential! I love going to the beach, bike rides, hiking, and park playdates for my kiddos. Date nights with the hubs and dates with the girls are a must! But during current times, I've spent more time reading, journaling, and spending time outdoors. Also connecting with others virtually. I even picked up a new dance routine to keep my body moving and my soul happy.

Now, more than ever, is the opportunity to recreate yourself. To take a step back and reflect on everything, personally and professionally. What have you learned through your reflections? What will you change? Get ready, because tomorrow, it’s a new day, with new opportunities, new challenges, and a new way of life. How do you plan to continue forward? What positive changes has this time brought to your life personally and professionally?

A: Healthy routines are so important, now more than ever! I've been avoiding the news, only keeping up to date as needed. The idea of 'garbage in/garbage out' is real. And I need to protect my space from negativity and unhealthy messages. I also learned that I NEED time to recharge. Prioritizing self-care is a must! Sometimes, it looks like a solo bike ride to my favorite beach spot. Other times it's a nice book and time to journal and reflect. I've spent more time on activities that offer something healthy in return - exercise, learning, connecting, etc. What moves me is seeing creative work either in art, dance - any of it. And I look forward to going back to a time where casual conversation over beer or coffee is not criminal!

We loved having Aga and are inspired by her hard work everyday. To learn more about what Age is doing you can visit her website or her facebook page to learn more.

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