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Interviewing Treehouse Member Suzanne Machos

Suzanne Machos, a digital marketing strategist and realtor, is one of many successful entrepreneurs using Treehouse as a home base for their company. We were able to interview her to gain insight on what it's like to be a member at Treehouse.

Describe Treehouse Coworking as if you were explaining to a friend.

S: Treehouse is really more than a workplace, or an office. It’s really a place for a community to get together, its friendship, it's getting new work. It’s really a fun place to come everyday!

Describe the treehouse community.

S: The treehouse community is really more like a family. Everyone’s there to help you with anything that you might need, whether it’s a contact, someone who you need to even fix something at your house. Or maybe there’s a certain service, whether it’s HR, or technology, marketing, you can ask around and find someone to help you. Everyone is there to support each other. No-one is there to feel stepped on or judged, everyone wants to make sure that you feel welcomed and that you’re supported in whatever you’re trying to do.

Describe your typical day at Treehouse.

S: A typical day at Treehouse usually begins with me walking in with my 3 year old who greets everyone and they all greet her, which is awesome! I have a team member that works with me, so we typically get together at either the picnic table outside or the conference room to have some one-on-one time to go over what we need to get done for the day.

I love that Treehouse is in the heart of Kailua and walking distance to everything. I can quickly walk over to Beatbox or Wholefoods to get a bite to eat, come back and continue working. And then there’s often a workout class or other things going on like a Pau Hana with a margarita contest at the end of the day!

It’s a general workday but sprinkled with lots of fun conversations not around the water cooler, but around the kombucha or the cold brew!

What value does Treehouse provide for your business?

S: The value of Treehouse to me is so many different things! It started off as simply a place with air conditioning that could get me out of my house, but I quickly came to realize how many referrals I could get from simply going into the space. I have gotten a couple of different clients from connections at Treehouse, whether it’s from the Lunch & Learns, where I’ve presented my business ideas, or just general Pau Hana networking events. I really like having coworkers AND people I like to spend my time with. It’s definitely more than just an office, and provides a ton of value.

How does a treehouse support you to live your best lifestyle here in Hawaii? How does Treehouse align with your personal values?

S: Treehouse is really good about helping you balance work and life and they will encourage you to take part in a lot of fitness challenges and workout events. They do a lot to involve your family and support all of us that have kiddos. They also have a ton of excursions, even during the day, to help you go out in the community. It’s good to have those breaks throughout the day and actually get out there and help out from an environmental standpoint as well. They’re really good at helping you understand that it’s not ALWAYS about work and that there are other things out there and that we live in Hawaii, so let’s take advantage of it! #WORKBETTER

Suzanne has said it better than we could have ever said expressing our emphasis on wellness and sustainability. We are proud to share this sense of community at Treehouse and in Kailua as a whole.

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