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Treehouse coworking adapts to COVID orders

Treehouse Coworking Adapts and Inspires Our Community during the COVID-19 Pandemic

April has come and gone in what feels like the shortest and longest month of the year. As working from home becomes the new norm, everyone is forced to adapt their daily routine and lifestyle to stay as safe as possible during this COVID-19 Pandemic. Here at Treehouse Coworking we have been doing our best to keep our members and community involved and safe by providing tips and tricks to being successful while self quarantining.

Through our virtual events, wellness challenges and Kailua community engagement, we aim to encourage everyone to stay motivated with work, stay healthy and happy and support small businesses in Kailua.

Virtual Events

This month we had the opportunity to gain a lot of new insight from a variety of professionals to help through these difficult times. These virtual events allowed us to unite as a community and learn about ways to thrive while at home. We covered Small Business Finance, Boosting Immunity, COVID-19 from a Medical Perspective, Exercise Improvements and Working from Home While Facilitating Your Children with Distance Learning.

We spoke with Jason, an expert in the small business finance field regarding the SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDLs), direct SBA loans and deferrals on loan programs including the SBA, USDA RD, USDA FSA and Residential. He was able to provide the most updated information and tips regarding loan requests during this time. Visit our Blog to learn more and access to useful forms and information:

Doctor Maganto shared her tips and tricks on boosting immunity and eating healthy during the pandemic. She went over immune boosting foods, natural antimicrobials/antivirals, immune boosting supplements and immune boosting lifestyle routines to follow in order to be your healthiest self. She also shared her own recipe for homemade sanitizers made from household ingredients. To see all her tips and more check out our blog where you can watch the whole talk as well as have access to her personal website:

You can also check out our youtube page to see the whole talk:

Darragh O’Carroll (MD) gave us some perspective around what causes COVID-19, how it infects us and where it came from along with how to optimize your health to avoid contracting it. He also went over treatment options, what to avoid and when to seek medical care. Dr. O’Carroll brought us tips on optimizing your immune system including keeping your mental and physical health strong while doing your part to help flatten the curve. In order to learn more visit our blog and see what you can do to keep you and your community safe during this time:

Chiropractor and six time all american national champion sprinter, Cory Lamar, joined us with tips and tricks to improve your running during this quarantine. He went over proper running form including tips to correct your posture and stride while reducing pain you may feel while exercising. He also went over injury tests you can perform while at home and how to treat them. For more information about running and more personal tips from an expert visit our blog:

Lauren and Olga, 2 teachers at Wheeler Middle School, gave us insight on how to find balance while working from home & facilitating distance learning with your kids. They focused on creating structure in your daily routine, being effective and efficient with your days at home and how to create a positive work environment for you and your kids. They gave us tips and tricks on how to be productive, and answered questions from concerned parents regarding teaching techniques and staying organized. Visit our page for useful tips and tricks along with useful links to help organize your schedule:

Jason returned at the end of the month to give us more information about the PPP (Paycheck protection Program) and EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loan) from the SBA. He went over the $484 billion dollar stimulus package from the government and what that means for small businesses trying to acquire loans. He also answered questions and concerns from members regarding late applications and banks running out of money. To read more about the expansion package, the PPP and EIDL and updates from a bankers point of view visit our blog:

Member Pau Hana

The last Friday of every month is our Member Pau Hana. This month we had a virtual pau hana where our members got to catch up over their beverage of choice from home and they shared some of their favorite recipes.

This is one of our favorite member events and we’re glad we can continue them virtually during this WRH time.

Virtual Coffee Time

In order to stay connected, we host a virtual coffee time for members to stay connected. One of the best things about Treehouse Coworking is that the space facilitates friendships - most mornings you can find members gathered around the coffee area catching up, sharing about family, work or worldly news so we’ve created a way to continue that during this time of distance.

Community Engagement

Our Ohana and community are so important to us and because of this we have made sure to keep them involved during every step of this pandemic. Everything from joint fitness goals to environmental campaigns, we have been making sure to keep our members, and the general Kailua community, involved and inspired.


A fun way to support local and stay healthy, we created a bingo for the local Kailua community. We were able to help out local businesses while encouraging exercise and getting everyone involved. Local vendors included; SkyKombucha, Bar Method Kailua, Kalo Mind and Body, Pro Tea Zero Waste, Core Power Yoga, and GCF Hawaii among others. This challenge ran through the month of April and the winner will be announced on May 5th.

Rainbow Trail Through Kailua (Window painting at Kainehe)

In solidarity with our community and other local businesses, we traded our computers for paintbrushes last week and painted the windows of our new space with rainbows. We hope that seeing these rainbows will provide positivity and reassurance to everyone struggling during these hard times. Thank you Olive & Oliver for the inspiration!

Support Local campaign

Supporting other small businesses is a top priority for us during this time so we have been highlighting the ones that have remained open by doing a social media campaign. We’ve highlighted restaurants offering food to go, restaurants/bars offering drinks for take out and shops/artists that are selling online.

We hope to be a resource for the community to find what businesses they can continue to support during this time.

Earth Day campaign

Sustainability is important to us so even though we couldn’t have an Earth Day event, we shared some tips for everyone to live more sustainable lifestyles.

This campaign included a Home Sustainability & Zero Waste Analysis followed by daily tips for: Sustainable Cleaning & Body Products, Food Shopping & Waste, Home Energy & Water Use and lastly, the 5 R’s - Refuse, Reuse, Reduce, Repair, Recycle.

We are happy to be a small business that keeps sustainability in mind in everything we do - as we expand, we are happy to be utilizing native, invasive woods and some sustainable products in our new spaces!


100 Mile Challenge

Staying healthy and fit during self quarantine may seem impossible and this is why we created the Tap In 100 mile challenge. The challenge is to get moving and run/walk 100 miles this month. We have been overwhelmed with the responses we have gotten from community members getting out and taking time for themselves and reaching their fitness goals. With a little less than a week left in the month we are encouraging people to get their last few miles in to complete the challenge.

Working from home during a pandemic has been a huge transition and it seems almost impossible to balance work and life. Our intern has expressed some ways to transition successfully into working at home in a blog post found on our website. She mentions tips and tricks on how to set healthy boundaries while still staying engaged in your community and work. Check out the blog:

Space Improvement

Working outside is one of the best options right now so we rearranged our front space and picnic table to be more comfortable and shaded. Our inside desks are all 6 feet apart and the gym is now open for desk space as well.

Another phone booth to accommodate member’s phone calls is being added. We’ve also updated some seating and touched up aesthetics for a more comfortable and vibrant space.

Extra Cleanliness Efforts

While Treehouse remains open only for essential businesses and members with desks and offices, we have been sterilizing the space 2 times a day to keep everyone healthy and safe. To minimize traffic even more, management has started to scan in mail to save members from having to come in the office at all.

The Treehouse Ohana is staying safe, healthy and happy

Keno - I hate working from home so Quarantine is terrible for me in that way, however, I did finish the 100 mile challenge which was hard and have been working out more than previously, eating clean, which has been nice. A lot of cooking, yard work, Generally I think we have been working much more in quarantine than previously and have substituted more work hours for social engagements but I think it's part of the times and we are hopeful it pays off long term for our community.

Dawn - Wow. What a crazy time this has been! Although I have found myself busier than ever with work, I have been more engaged in the "I should do this" things I always have on my list! I have had the time to reconnect with friends that I don't always see or talk to; dedicated time to my backyard by giving it some extra TLC; and I have become quite the cook in the kitchen learning new recipes, techniques and meal planning (Full disclosure, not everything came out as amazing as the photo made it seem!) I look forward to seeing people face to face, and laughing with them; because laughter is my favorite.

Amy - This has been such an interesting time but I am so grateful to be living in Hawaii during this pandemic. I’m so happy to be working for Treehouse Coworking, it’s been fun to be creative with my role and adapt to the changes. I've been enjoying finding new ways for community engagement, partnerships and connection during this time of distance. Beyond my work at Treehouse, I’ve been working on restructuring my own marketing business. I also spend most of my free time adventuring outside, nurturing friendships near and far and getting back into some creative hobbies. And, I’ve been loving my down time - time at home to cook, clean, tend to my plants and just enjoy slower days that I haven’t really experienced since living in Hawaii. I really miss the Treehouse community and I look forward to getting together for coffee chats, pau hanas and other fun events soon!

Jackie - I've really been enjoying having weekends off since the salon is closed. I'm spending so much more time outside, enjoying the island life; hiking, working out on the beach, scuba diving, and learning to surf! I've also been spending more time tapping into my creative side, building up my skill set by learning photography and graphic design, and relaunching my business, Native Grind. I miss the Treehouse ohana and socializing/ being surrounded by other creative humans. I also really miss working outside on the front porch.

Xenia | Marketing Intern

As a part time marketing intern and full time student at the Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawaii at Manoa I have spent most of my self-quarantine focusing on school work as well as projects for Treehouse. Outside of work I have been trying to remain physically active by doing online yoga sessions, going on hikes and have recently taken up surfing, a hobby I have been trying to start for quite a while now. Some hikes I have done recently and highly recommend include: Lulumahu Falls, Koko Crater Arch, Lanikai Pillbox, and Crouching Lion, while maintaining the proper social distancing requirements. I have also gotten more into cooking and sewing as I have had more time on my hands. Overall, I am grateful to be in good health and can’t wait for the world to heal so I am able to return to the beach and see friends.

Coming Soon:

Kainehe - 3 new executive suites, 2 new retail locations and the new coworking space will be available in May.

Kahala - The conceptual design of the Kahala space is getting finalized this week which will include 14 executive suites, 14 micro-offices, 3 conference rooms and three coworking areas.

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