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UPDATED: Treehouse COVID-19 Regulations

As we are getting ready to open up our space, the Treehouse team has made efforts to add precautionary measures to ensure our members feel safe and stay healthy. Please review the house regulations that will take effect immediately:


  1. Use hand sanitizer provided upon arrival before touching the door knob/tablet at the front desk

  2. Wash your hands immediately upon arrival

  3. Sanitize your workspace upon arrival and departure with the provided sanitizer spray bottles in common areas

  4. The Treehouse team will be doing a thorough sanitation of all surfaces, door knobs, etc 2x/day

  5. Touchless dispensers - we have invested in hands-free soap and sanitizer dispensers, as well as hand dryers for our restrooms

  6. Trash - please dispose of all trash immediately

  7. Dishes - Please wash your own dishes in the kitchen upstairs or use the provided disposable cups and plates.

Social Distancing

  1. Masks must be worn in all common areas

  2. Remain 6ft apart at all times. Our desks in the common areas have been strategically placed to meet social distancing guidelines. Please do not move or rearrange any of the furniture

  3. 1 person in halls, kitchen, and coffee bar at a time

New guest policies

  1. Treehouse will remain open to MEMBERS ONLY. We will remain closed to the public, and have discontinued our drop in day passes for the time being. We will be accepting new members so long as they purchase a virtual membership at a minimum where they are able to use the day passes that come with the membership. All tours will be scheduled by appointment only, 1 on 1, and will be required to wear a mask as well as follow all cleanliness precautions listed above upon arrival.

  2. Guest policy- no drop-ins or visitors. Due to limited capacity we will need to save the space for paying members and staff only, with the exception of meeting in a meeting space (see #3).

  3. Meetings - meetings may take place in a private office, conference space, or backyard table only. The space must be reserved through your Nexudus member portal prior to your meeting. You may have up to 6 guests in the conference room with appropriate space in between, or 1 guest at the backyard table. All guests must wear a mask as well as follow all cleanliness precautions listed above upon arrival.

Thank you for your continuous support of Treehouse Coworking, and for following these guidelines. If you have any questions or are unclear, please do not hesitate to reach out to a Treehouse Team Member. We look forward to seeing our Treehouse ‘ohana soon!


The Treehouse Coworking Team

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