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Interviewing Treehouse Member Daniel Molina

Daniel Molina is a perfect example of success at Treehouse and we were so glad we got to interview him about his views on Treehouse as a workspace and a community.

Describe Treehouse Coworking as if you were explaining to a friend.

D: Treehouse is like having a coffee shop experience/executive suite. You can have the atmosphere of a coffee shop, in that there’s other people around, but it is a lot quieter and the energy is more of business professionals trying to get work done. It’s a really cool environment in which we can bounce ideas off of one another.

You have the ability to have a social aspect of it and the ability to have an actual office where you can close the door. It really fits both worlds for what someone’s looking for.

Describe the treehouse community.

D: The community at treehouse is a really cool group of people. You have the entrepreneurs, working alongside those who already have established organizations, all of whom need a quiet space to focus away from home. You have a lot of different people here and it's really cool because everyone helps each other out. It is a very loving and giving community of people willing to just speak to each other and help each other out.

Describe your typical day at Treehouse.

D: A typical day for me at Treehouse is coming in and being greeted with a “Hi”, “Hey everyone” or “Aloha”! I will then get my coffee, that one of the lovely ladies here will make, or I’ll make a French press and chat with other members for a bit. Then I’ll either shut my office door to get work done or leave the door open, because I love the energy of the common area.

What value does Treehouse provide for your business?

D: The value that Treehouse provides for my business is the ability to have a quiet place to work. In my home, with 7 children, it gets pretty loud and here I am able to have a space that is my own. Another aspect I enjoy is being able to connect with so many different people and learn about projects that are happening around the island. It gets me involved in the community, and helps me not only expand my business, but to also be able to help others by using the tools that I have. I feel like a treehouse does a really good job to help preserve our environment and this great earth that was given us. They give a lot of opportunities to learn about the environment, how to take care of it, and about helping other people. They bring a lot of cool entrepreneurs and business leaders into Treehouse with Lunch & Learns providing knowledge to not only help the environment but to also help you with your business as well. I really see that they invest a lot of time in their members, and are able to provide a lot of tools and resources to help everyone. That relates to my value personally, because I love helping people I love serving people, I love bringing out the best in people. And that's really what Treehouse does, they really try to bring out the best and they want to extend your reach so that you can grow and help you meet your goals whatever they may be.

What is your favorite type of event hosted at treehouse and why?

D: My favorite events here at Treehouse are definitely the Lunch & Learns. You’re eating lunch and can kind of separate from work and go into a place where you can just learn and get information from business leaders, entrepreneurs, or people who just want to help and share knowledge.

What is your absolute favorite part about a treehouse?

D: My favorite part about Treehouse is obviously the people. It is great to be able to communicate with them and talk to them and it’s really from all kinds of different backgrounds too. Not everyone agrees with everyone but what’s cool about here is that we appreciate, we honor each other, we respect each other and there’s a lot of cool conversations that happen. Another part of it is these spontaneous kinds of field-trips. I got to go to Coconut Island a few months ago with everyone, it was just spontaneous “hey we’re going over here, you want to come?” So we paid our way for a private tour”. It’s really just fun to be hanging out with everyone here. I feel like it really just brings the best out of everybody.

We are truly grateful for everything Daniel has said and we think it embodies our mission at Treehouse perfectly. We always want to focus on keeping our members productive and healthy while giving them knowledge and resources for not only their businesses but our community as a whole. To learn more about what Daniel is doing visit his website: or join us at our next Pau Hana!

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